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Abzianidze Akaki

Akaki Abzianidze is a Professor at the National University of Georgia and the Head of the International Relations undergraduate program at the National University of Georgia.

In 2008, he completed a PhD in Political Science at Tbilisi State University, with the topic: "Relations between the State and the Church of Georgia". In addition, he holds an MA in History of Diplomacy and International Relations.

Except for the National University of Georgia, he was employed in various academic positions at the Caucasus International University, the University of Georgia and Tbilisi State University. He has tought the following educational courses: Comparative Politics, Introduction to Politics, Georgian State Politics, Democracy and Citizenship, etc.

He is actively engaged in the scientific research sphere, he has published scientific works on the following topics:

1. "Legal Aspects of Industrialization and Economic Development of Georgia", Journal - "Life and Law", 2019.

2. "The international situation in the 1960s-1970s and the political-economic crisis in the Soviet Union", Journal - "Historical Verticals", 2018.

3. "Separation of Powers in the European Union", International Scientific Conference 2016. Proceedings;

4. "Cold War" logic, some issues of international relations", Journal - "Historical Verticals", 2016.

5. "Issues of the geopolitics of Christianity", Journal - "Historical Verticals", 2015.

His research interests include:

• Relations between the state and the church;

• Geopolitics;

• Political ideologies;


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