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Asanishvili Piqria

Pikria Asanishvili is an Associate Professor of International Relations at Tbilisi State University. In 2003, she received the scientific degree of Candidate of Political Sciences, with the topic: "Georgia in the South Caucasus Regional System". She has taught academic courses on topics such as international organisation politics of the Islamic world, transformation in the South Caucasus and history of Georgian diplomacy.

Pikria has participated in scientific research projects:

• Democratization in the prism of security. Security Dilemma of Eastern European States (2014-2015);

• Armenian-Georgian relations: challenges and opportunities in mutual cooperation (2014);

• In 2023, she became the winner of the Study of the U.S. programme funded by the Bureau of Education and Culture of the U.S. State Department - Institutes (SUSI) for Scholar's Program in the U.S. Foreign Policy;

In addition to her pedagogical activities, she is engaged in scientific research. She has published scientific papers in various international and national scientific journals, including:

• "Armenian-Georgian Relations: Challenges and Opportunities for Bilateral Cooperation", the Armenian Political Science Association. Social Sciences Center, Yerevan, 2014.

• "European "aspiration" and "anti-Russian" behaviour in Georgian state politics - cultural identity or survival strategy?" Eurasiatic, Ca' Foscari University, Venice, 2016.

• "The importance of the European Union in the foreign policy of Georgia after the crisis in Ukraine", 2015.

• "Karabakh conflict and its impact on the security of the South Caucasus region", Wrocław, 2015.

Her research interests include: 

• Foreign Policy;

• Regional security;

• Foreign policy and political identity;

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