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Darbaidze Eka

Eka Darbaidze is an Associate Professor of the Department of International Relations at the National University of Georgia. In 2006, she was awarded a master's degree in political science at Tbilisi State University, and in 2015 she completed a PhD in political science at Tbilisi State University, with the topic: "International tourism Image of Georgia According to Foreign Agencies". She was an invited specialist of the Department of UNESCO Affairs and International Relations at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia;

Until now, she has been an Associate Researcher of the Institute of Political Science (Department of Foreign Policy). Eka has extensive experience of working in higher educational universities, besides the National University of Georgia, she is engaged in teaching activities at the undergraduate and graduate levels of Political Science at Tbilisi State University.

She is also the head of the political science undergraduate program at Sulkhan-Saba Orbeliani University.


As for her scientific research activities, she has published about ten scientific papers in scientific journals operates in Georgia and abroad, namely:


1. "Gender policy of the French "National Front" and gender analysis of election programs", Journal "Politics", 2020.

2. "Issues of formation of the image of Georgia as a safe country according to foreign foreign agencies", Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference of the National University of Georgia, 2019.

3. "Building Democracy and Prospects of Increasing Women's Political Representation", Ideology and Politics (Scopus), 2018.

In addition to scientific publications, she has participated in about thirty scientific conferences.


Her research interests include:


• Gender policy;

• International relations;

• Political parties;










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